Progress in ROD-PICKER after nine months

The developments in ROD-PICKER stat to bear their fruits:
The objectives and work to be performed in the first nine months of the project comprised the determination of the system requirements and the first steps in the design of the prototype. On the dissemination and exploitation tasks, the main activity was to widespread the start of the project and to setup the project’s website.

The partners prepared and distributed a questionnaire among partners in Germany, Denmark, Romania and Sweden to determine the end users’ requirements and continued with the determination of the data needed as input and output for an optimal functioning of the ROD-PICKER system.


The design of the prototype started on three fronts: the design of the harvester, or cutting unit, of the sorting unit and of the monitoring and control module. Progress has been obtained in all three, and no major deviations from the work plan are foreseen for the coming months.