ROD-PICKER aims at achieving the following objectives:

Overall objectives:

  • Development of an innovative, competitive and automatic harvesting and sorting system for SRC cuttings for European energy farmers.
  • Enable the broad implementation of SRC in Europe by reducing the costs of the SRC cuttings by 60 %.
  • To increase the general competitiveness and sustainability of the European agricultural sector

Scientific and technological objectives:

  • To develop, build and test a ROD-PICKER prototype including a harvesting, sorting and packaging module
  • To reach and assure the compatibility of the ROD-PICKER prototype with existing handling and transport equipment

Environmental objectives:

  • By producing SRC cuttings in a more cost-efficient way, the production of wooden biomass for the European biomass sector could be increased by 30 % each year

Socio-economic objectives:

  • To develop and test a market oriented and cost-efficient harvesting and sorting system which can be introduced successfully in the European agricultural market and worldwide
  • To reach a market share in Europe of new sold harvesting and sorting systems for SRCs of at least 50 % in the year 2017
  • To distribute and commercialize the developed harvesting and sorting system in markets which will be not addressed directly by the SME consortium (world license)
  • To reduce the costs of harvesting and sorting of SRC cuttings for the final user by at least 60%
  • To increase the production efficiency of SRC cuttings in comparison to manual harvesting for the final user by at least 500% by the same number of workers
  • To summarize the existing knowledge in harvesting and sorting systems and transfer this knowledge to potential end users (awareness rising)
  • To increase competiveness of European farmers and therefore safe and create employment in rural areas

To create new jobs in the production, maintenance and operation of the proposed system